Tango – Why Pay Less!


I have been building Tangos in one form or another for 35 years now. Looking back over those years, it is interesting to see how many different things I have built and how much fun it has been.

I built Tango road bikes.
Tango touring bikes.
Tango mountain bikes.
Tango tandems.
Some big Tangos.

Over the years many things have changed, but some things haven’t changed about the stuff I build. The attention to detail has been a consistant theme through the last 35 years.
Attention to the detail about the customer.
Attention to the detail of fitting the bike to the rider.
Attention to the details about what the customer wants and needs in their bike.
Attention to the Engineering that goes into the bike. Yes, every bike. Thats why I call it Bicycle Engineering!
Attention to the details about the systems like racks.
Attention to the fabrication and the details that make the bikes special.

Now the focus in my shop is on building touring bikes.
Building super-duper extra heavy duty touring bikes.
You know the kind of bike I am talking about.  A take no prisoners, bulletproof expedition touring bike built to go anywhere, carry anything and/or everything, and get you back without breaking down.
The bikes are steel and strong. 
Straight gauge top tubes.
Engineered to carry the loads and make the bike handle the way a bike should handle. 
Forty-eight spokes and custom chrome molly racks being standard issue.

I could go on forever talking about bikes because I love talking about bikes. But I won’t.
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If you want to talk bikes, give me a call.