Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson

Rick first introduced me to bike riding almost two years ago. Well, not really, I have always had a bike since I was kid, as most people do. What is really important to note here is that after I started mountain biking and commuting to work with Rick I started to learn how a bike should work for you and not against you.

Rick brings an expertise to the table which enables most riders to fine tune their interface with their bike. He makes riding the bike fun! Bicycle Engineering takes the human and mechanical interface to a higher level than you will see at most bike shops.

Michael Johnson's Mojo
Michael Johnson’s Mojo

Because Rick’s primary emphasis is to the rider he has selected to sell mountain and road bikes from Ibis with designers that are in tune with Bicycle Engineering philosophy. I love my Ibis eddy orange Mojo and my black Silk. Two years ago I started out with a 2006 Marin hardtail and a 1986 Specialized Expedition. Both bikes I bought from Rick. He set both of these up for me and made for some really nice riding and got me interested in wanting more. The first time I a took his demo Ibis Mojo on the trail, there was no going back. Likewise with the Ibis Silk. The setup and bikes that Rick offers is not easily matched.

Shop for the bike shop and not the bike. Rick told me that. He believes it and now so do I.

Michael W. Johnson
Senior Bridge Engineer

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