Earl Seaberg's Tango
Earl Seaberg’s Tango

The Tango Touring Bike

Why Custom…
Especially important when one plans to spend hours, days, weeks, spinning the cranks.  The bike must fit like a second skin. The bike must perform flawlessly, be responsive to the rider, enhance the riders energy. The bike and rider must be one.

So why custom…
Your ride style becomes part of the bike. Tube sizes, tube lengths, steering geometry, frame geometry, the components you select all play a part in the final ride quality.

Why Rick?
He truly understands the ride, the bike, the rider. He can take your riding style, your fit on a bike, and create a truly special machine. Engineering and design knowledge combined with 30 years of experience bring life to your demands like no other can. Fabrication skills (ask Rick about the Paris-Bres-Paris repairs, “Ju Fabricator”) complete the package that provide you with a truly satisfying experience. Ask me, I own two of Ricks bikes. You won’t be disappointed…


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