Don Holdener
Don Holdener

Shop Summary:
I live in Hawaii (Big Island) and purchased my Ibis MoJo from them while I was visiting the Davis area. Rick, the owner, made sure everthing on my MoJo was setup and fitted to me. One of the best bike dealers I’ve purchased from over the past twenty years.

Customer Service:
Rick is great and always friendly. He knows more about mountain bikes and accesories than anyone out there. He seems to genuinely like what he sells. I wouldn’t let another mechanic touch my Ibis MoJo other than Rick.

Don Holdener's Mojo
Don Holdener’s Mojo

Other Comments:
Seriously save your self a headache and purchase from Bicycle Engineering. They do free installs on parts.  Did I mention the mechanic is one of the best in the industry?

Don Holdener

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