Steve Dold (on the left) and 5 Mojos
Steve Dold (on the left) and 5 Mojos

I just arrived at work after another great ride. I wanted to thank you again for all of the help you gave me with the purchase and setup of my two bikes (Ibis Carbon Silk and Mojo).

I’ve been cycling on and off since the mid 1970s and the reason it’s been “on and off” has been that my bikes never felt or ridden as well at these. I have around three thousand miles so far on the Silk and about a a thousand on the Mojo, and aside from taking up some stretch in the derailer cables, I haven’t had to make any mechanical adjustments at all to these bikes. They just keep working and working. The Mojo is pretty amazing in the number of crashes it has taken, and everything still works perfectly. The time you spent fitting the bikes to me has paid off too. I’ve had lots of bikes that felt great for the first half hour in the saddle, but the Silk feels great even after four hours. Some of it is the bike, but a lot of it is getting the right guy to size everything and build it up for me, and let me try different parts to see what works and what doesn’t.

Steve Dold's plane
Steve Dold’s plane

I really appreciate all of your effort. It’s nice to be fired up about cycling again. See what I mean? Here I am sitting at work typing on the computer about my bikes instead of working. I better get to work or I’ll have even more free time to spend on the bikes.

Thanks again Rick,

Steve Dold
Antelope, CA



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