Jeff Igelman on a Tango tandem
Jeff Igelman on a Tango tandem

Rick Jorgensen helped me pick out my first road bike. He recommended that I purchase the frame and components separately enabling me to learn how to assemble and tune a bike. That was 28 years and 30,000 miles ago and I still have that bike.

Years later I bought a tandem from Rick. It was one of his own designs that he built specifically for my wife and me. He actively involved me in the design and fabrication process, providing me many hands-on learning opportunities. That was 24 years ago and I still have the tandem.

In 1986 I wanted a mountain bike and Rick suggested I build one myself. I worked in his shop under his direction and after a long hard week of work, I headed home with my own hand built frame. I assembled the components shortly thereafter and that bike is my daily rider to this day.

Rick is extremely knowledgeable about bikes, and even more, loves to teach others about them. His understanding of frame geometry, fabrication techniques and rider/bike interactions is unsurpassed and he gets huge satisfaction from imparting that knowledge to others. He’s extremely generous with his time and if you want the ultimate learning and buying experience, there is no one better than Rick Jorgensen to help you achieve that goal.

Jeff Igelman
Corvallis, Oregon
September 2008

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